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A message from our principle

"It is so great to have you join us today. We are very grateful for you to be visiting our website. We feel that we have a lot to offer you, and your child. We have built a staff of excellent teachers and mentors at Noah Bible School. We have designed a program to grow your childs mind and abilities. If you have a question about anything feel free to connect with anyone here, including myself."

Principal Jenny Walters




One of our founding values here at Noah Bible School is respect. We teach each of our students the value of showing respect, and having respect for themselves.


Hard Work

Anything that has been built worth value has been done so through hardwork. Nothing in this world is given and at Noah Bible School we teach that to achieve your goals you have to go through hard work first.



We find that courage is a very important trait to have. We teach each of our students to have the courage to dream big. Better yet, we teach them to have to courage to achieve those big dreams.


Jake Smith

Jake has been with NBS for a total of 3 years. He leads our Mathematics department. 

Tammy has been with NBS for 7 years now. She leads our English department.

Thomas has been with NBS for 12 years now. He leads our Science department.

Natalie is new this year to NBS. She will be leading our Music and Art department.




Snowman Contest

Each grade will be divided up into 4 teams on Saturday December 10th. Each team will be taksed with building a snowman. Whichever team has the best will be awarded a pizza party!



Ski Trip

We will be taking off from the school parking lot early Dec 22nd. For our annual ski trip to Mount Snowcap Resort. Make sure you bundle up and prepare for the weather. Lunch will be provided at the resort. 



Christmas Eve Recital

Our Christmas Eve Recital will start at 6:00PM on Dec. 24th.We will have songs, a short play, and more for everyone to join. Please feel free to bring family and friends. 



Back to School

Winter break is over and the spring semester starts! Kids will be back in school starting Janurary 7th. Let's finish this school year off right!


We look to connect with you about your childs growth this semester

Make sure you do not miss your opporuntiy to meet with the staff. We will be holding our quaterly Parent Teacher Conference soon. We want to connect with you and talk about the accomplishments and awards your child has recieved. We will also be discussing the areas in which you would like for your child to go into. We have many after-school activities and would love to get your child involved. Register now to meet with the staff.