Bible School



Part Time Schedule

Is your child handicapped? We offer a partime schedule now specifically for handicapped children.

Field Trip Schedule

We have some awesome field trips planned for the 2016 school year. Be on the look out for some very awesome trips!

Full Time Schedule

Enrolling your child into our full time schedule will give your child the complete experience. Introducing them to all the major educational groups.

Accelerated Schedule

Is your child exceptional when it comes to academics? Enroll your child now into our accelerated schedule. Your child will be tested to their full capacity.

Daycare Schedule

Do you have a little one that needs looking after while you are away at work? NBS is now offering day care. 

Customized Schedule

Do you need to customize your schedule? No big deal, we will work with you on what you think is best for your child and our professional experience.

Flexible Scheduling

We allow for flexible scheduling for all students. We want to make sure each student is able to take the classes that he or she wants. Flexible scheduling is where a student may take a class a grade higher than their own. If that child can test into that grade, he or she, may take that class.


​Trips: Parent Slips

No child will be allowed to go on any field trips without their parent permission slip signed by their legal guardian. Please make sure if you want your child to be a part of all the amazing trips we have planned that you get those signed and have your child turn them into their teachers. No students will be allowed on the trip unless this is done. We want to ensure the safety of your child.


Speaker: John Ritter

We will be having a special guest speaker joining us in January of 2016. John Ritter will be joining us and speaking on the topic of "Religion and Science". He will explore the two subjects and how the science community interacts with our beliefs. It will be a special event so be sure to preregister.